About US

ScieInventions is an International online scientific publishers having experienced pool of talented people grounded thoroughly on publishing high-end scientific, scholarly publications. With years of proven experience on STM scholarly publishing, we add more value to your hard earned research manuscript with graphics, colored images, and search engine techniques to enhance your visibility in the global scholarly community.

Vision : ScieInventions aims to promote research with significant scientific importance for the humanity to make a difference.

Mission : We are a non-profit scientific forum to promote scholarly scientific publications as journals with a special emphasis on furthering scientific research from developing and low income countries, while focusing on the scientific developments of the developed world.


Dissemination of Scientific Research is our Priority

ScieInventions is an independent, scholarly open access forum that aims to publish peer reviewed science journals on all major areas of research in Clinical, Medical, Environmental, Earth, Business and Management Sciences. We encourage authors to try and test innovative ways of presenting scientific information as Research, Review, Case Reports, Short Communications, and Letter to the Editor, Opinion Articles, Exclusive case studies, Analytical critics, and Expert communications, etc., to mention in thought provoking manner.

The main aim of our publication is to give a voice the advanced scientific developments and discoveries on health and health informatics to reach the grassroots, without any regional, socio-economic, and gender discrimination. We invite global scholarly community in taking an active part by discussing all the major developments in the fields of pure and applied sciences and we are committed to stick to standard peer review procedures in enhancing the manuscript quality.

We reinstate our firm belief in open access publication model as it unlocks all barriers in providing equal access to information for the global citizens. We are equally committed to encourage research publications from across the developed, developing and low-income countries alike with author-friendly processing and publication policies. Powered by the creative commons license policies for attribution, we aim at taking our authors close to institutions, research communities, academia and industry.Our collaborative, non-profit publishing efforts aim at working closely with various stakeholders in order to enhance the scholarly image of our authors.

ScieInventions Publishing Benefits

  • * Editorial and review committees with proven research excellence in their respective fields.
  • * Standard peer review process to strengthen publication quality.
  • * Author-friendly processing and publication policies.
  • * Committed to share quality research to the nook and the corner of the globe.
  • * Ability to adopt technological innovations for improved post-publication user experience.
  • * End to end support for the authors in taking them through the publication process.
  • * Proactive collaborative efforts to benefit our stakeholders.

With a clear commitment and mission to further interdisciplinary scientific research in all major science and technology, ScieInventions emerged as powerful tool for communicating scientific inventions and innovations on earth and environment sciences to address the challenges of climate change. We are equally committed to take developments in health and pharmaceutical sciences across communities to benefit them with information. Our Clinical, Medical, Management and Business journals are eager to shed light on all major developments in their respective fields.