Editors Guidelines

ScieInventions is a committed publisher of Clinical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Earth, Environmental, Business and Management Sciences on open access platform. We firmly believe and practice blind peer review process, adhering to the standard research procedures in processing manuscripts for publication.

Editors are central in the entire review and publication process as policy decision makers. Emergence of open web as a free source of information for users has further enhanced the role of editor in getting only the right information published. Open access publication provide wider opportunities for the scholarly research community to showcase their knowledge and exhibit the power of thoroughly researched information reaching to the broader research fraternity. Editors therefore have to monitor fraudulent practices that affect the morale of the researcher that sticks to originality.

  • • Editor or the editor-in-chief takes the complete responsibility of developing the under his/her stewardship.
  • • Editor must have a thorough knowledge of the publisher’s publication policies and works closely with the publisher in implementing them.
  • • Editor, who is an authority in the subject takes the decision of accepting the manuscript for review by quickly assessing its quality and scope.
  • • Once the manuscript is confirmed to be within the scope of the journal and clears plagiarism.
  • • Editor also assesses the manuscript whether or not it is meeting the manuscript formatting guidelines and allows the QC team to assess its originality.
  • • Editor must maintain good rapport with the scholarly community to identify a potential reviewer.
  • • If the manuscript has a substantial amount of plagiarism, editor reverts the manuscript to the author for revision, and it will not be assigned for the review.
  • • Editor assigns the manuscript for the peer-review once s/he confirms that it is free from plagiarism and coordinates the entire review process.
  • • Editor picks a suitable reviewer and assigns the manuscript for review and acts as a bridge between the reviewer and the author to meet publication deadlines.
  • • Peer review process enhances the article quality. The editor therefore must encourage ethical research procedures such as data safety and security, maintaining the confidentiality related to the reviewer.
  • • The editor must remain impartial, independent and transparent while discharging duties.
  • • Editor must declare conflict of interest if any while handling any manuscript and should refrain from decision making in such cases.
  • • Editor must check whether or not the author followed the national and international laws related to clinical data gathering.
  • • Editor should safeguard the human, animal and environmental rights by checking with the author for permissions obtained from the competent authorities.
  • • Editor should take measures to safeguard the rights of copyright holders.
  • • Editor’s decision is final in accepting or rejecting the manuscript for publication.
  • • Editor must check for the data abuse, data theft, overlapping and duplications before considering any manuscript for publication.
  • • Editor must work towards the development of the journal in every aspect by encouraging new trends.
  • • Editor must encourage young, aspiring scholars of early career.