Reviewers Guidelines

ScieInventions aims to disseminate scholarly research findings as research articles through its high-impact, indexed journals, synonymous for standard national and the international research procedures. ScieInventions take all measures in getting the original research published by encouraging its editorial board to work proactively with all the stakeholders in the review and publication process.

The scholarly open access publisher of Clinical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Earth, Environmental, Business and Management journal of all major and subcategories provides complete freedom to the editors in identifying an appropriate reviewer, who is an expert in the field. Peer-review adds immense value to the scientific research and reviewer is an important person in the entire peer-review process to to meet the journal’s publication goals. Editors keep an eye on researchers with substantial contribution to their field and request them to undertake this process.

  • • Reviewing is a voluntary service extended to the scholarly community and reviewer’s position is an honor bestowed upon them in recognition of their scholarly wisdom and acumen.
  • • Reviewer gets recognition for participating in the review process.
  • • In order to act as a reviewer, s/he must possess substantial knowledge on the research methods and developments of the given field.
  • • Reviewer must have published extensively in this field so that s/he can add to enrich research findings of the given field.
  • • Reviewer must maintain at most confidentiality of the research work under review.
  • • Reviewer should promote quality of the research by not encouraging duplications and breach of copyright.
  • • Reviewer must remain unbiased in delivering comments to promote scientific knowledge.
  • • Reviewer must provide critical and analytical reviews to enrich the article quality.
  • • Reviewer can add substantially by suggesting new and relevant dimensions for the author/s to include.
  • • While reviewing a manuscript, reviewer must check whether or not the researcher followed norms from ‘Title’, up to conclusions and references.
  • • Reviewer must check aspects like methodology, statistical methods, and referencing style followed, as they are most important elements for scholarly scientific research and reviewer plays a key role in checking them thoroughly.
  • • Reviewer must refrain from the process if s/he has any conflict of interest with the study.
  • • Reviewing adds substantial value to the article once it is revised as per the reviewer’s suggestions for publication.
  • • Along with editor, compliance of reviewer’s suggestions is mandatory for the author to get the manuscript published.